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miscellaneous unfinished sketches that i didn’t really like
Been wanting to work on a Tifa pic for a few months now. This will be (potentially) offered as an 11”x17” print prize during the Crystals For Life marathon at the end of the month! 

by sonira-art
Kieran sketch.
some practice sketches of random pokemon
I marathoned Kill la Kill over the past two days. My favorite characters are blatantly Ryuko and Mako. I’ve been messing around with pixels a bit more so I decided to do this!
[100% view]:
I was listening to Tommy Heavenly6’s “La Soldier” on the 20th anniversary album and couldn’t resist drawing a punk Sailor Moon.
Happy Birthday to my friend twulfster!! This is a pic of Adam’s Absol named Iris, Tracy’s Electabuzz named Sgt. Wire, and my Stunfisk named Jason Bourne.
I saw pokemon-personalities post: “what if our magical girl outfits were based off of our favorite pokemon”
so i had to draw myself as a magical prince stunfisk